Hazards of air pollution:

A Preliminary Analysis of the Benefits and Costs of Current New Source Review Litigation - (June 24, 2002). Follow up to Power to Kill report (2001) describing how the benefits of NSR enforcement outweigh the annual costs of pollution controls. 242 k pdf.

Children at Risk - (May 2002) Read about the latest research on how air pollution from power plants threatens the health of America's children. (647K PDF)

Death, Disease and Dirty Power - (October 2000) Mortality and Health Damage Due to Air Pollution from Power Plants (886K)

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National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA)

Facts on the 33 air toxics that present the greatest threat to public health in the largest number of urban areas. Maps and lists are both available, and can be requested by state or county level.

Toxics Release Inventory

Facts for the public about releases of toxic chemicals from manufacturing facilities into the environment through the air, water, and land. You can access the data by typing in your zip code.

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Ozone Summary (Preliminary Data)

Statistics for selected California regions. The summaries include the number of state 1-hour, national 1-hour, and national 8-hour ozone exceedances, along with the highest 1-hour and 8-hour ozone concentrations (ppm).Summaries are based on preliminary data. Preliminary data are subject to change or deletion.

California Almanac of emissions and air quality

The air quality trends presented in The 2002 California Almanac of Emissions and Air Quality represent a summary of data collected at a number of monitoring sites.

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What can be done?

At Home

You make at home affect the amount of pollution outside your home as well as inside.

At Stores

As a consumer you make a difference in what kind of products are in demand and produced.

On the Road

When, where, how, why and what you drive all play an important role in affecting air pollution.

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Government Stance:

Federal Facility Pollution Prevention Project Analysis

" ... By stopping pollution at its source the Federal government can make a significant contribution to protecting the public health and our environment." Bill Clinton

Government Air Pollution Control Program Support

Assist State, Tribal, Municipal, Inter-municipal, and Interstate agencies in planning, developing, establishing, improving, and maintaining adequate programs for prevention and control of air pollution.

Clean Air Advocacy
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